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Conference And Seminars

        Today's education is not limited to 'chalk & duster'. Hence, we organize regular conference and seminars so our students get proper guidance from experts in Homeopathy.

At Maharishi College of Homeopathic Pharmacy, we form a healthy academic environment which promotes rigorous and contemporary research. We organize conference and seminars to bring together experts and students to communicate and Learn.

What do we do?


In order to ensure deep focus and study on Homeopathy, we hold seminars on a regular basis so our students can stay on track in each subject. We have interactive ways for our students to learn all the important concepts of Homeopathy. Our educational seminars are led by faculties who are expert in their respective fields.

By attending our educational seminars, our students gain a deep understanding of this holistic approach of medicine. We are backed by modern equipment and technologies to keep our students engaged throughout the session with a formal presentation.


We also conduct an educational conference to promote problem-solving, doubt-clearing, and consultation. In our academic conference, both experts and students can discuss their work and promote problem-solving. We focus on exchanging innovative ideas and knowledge in a very interactive way.

With the help of conferences, our students find new opportunities to learn and grow with the proper guidance of experts. We have researchers with years of experience in the field of Homeopathy. They are urged to share their knowledge with our valued students. We have experienced team of faculties who are open to discuss with their students about any of the important concepts they want to know.