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        From the Vedic time, faculties (teachers) are worshiped before God, because they show the route of success to their students (shishya).
Teachers are those, for them, their students and their studies are very important than anything. This is an attitude, it can not be put intentionally inside any teacher, it comes out automatically. This attitude makes us an awarded college.
We got an award from the biggest news agency of India named "Times of India", and the award "Excellence of Education 2018" was presented by a very honored person who is Minister of Higher Education as Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (Dr. Dinesh Sharma).

What makes our faculties so great?

1. Eligibility - To understand the problem, one has to be a good listener.
2. Communication Skills - To teach anything to a student, a teacher needs to be perfect in their communication skills.
3. Deep Knowledge - Without deep knowledge, a teacher can not teach beyond the thinking of common students. To answers 'unanswered, unexplored questions', deep knowledge is the key, which we have. In the research part, in-depth knowledge is provided to students.
4. Relationship with students - Hesitation has ruined the career of many students who could become very successful, just they couldn't ask the question to their teacher due to fear. Our teachers make the relationship with students so that they can ask questions openly. This is why our students are being successful.
5. High Expectation to Students - Whether you say "I can do" or "I can't do", in both conditions you are right. Here you are doing expectation to yourself, the
same our teachers make high expectations to students. This way, they can improve a lot and fulfill the expectation which they do with themselves.
6. Ethics - Values & Ethics gives permanent success. It is taught by a teacher who really follows his ethics.